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Riviera Skateboards Zia Stick Complete Longboard


The Zia Stick compliments the Riviera range of longboard/skateboard hybrids by being a 36″ ride designed to smash streets as well as it bombs hills. designed for technical, trick-orientated free-riding, the Zia Stick has an exaggerated take on the classic street shape.

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Riviera have designed another super-stable platform that facilitates slides just as well as it tackles ledges and banks, the Riviera Skateboards Zia Stick Complete. The curvature in the maple deck also lends itself to flip tricks. The board has been finished with tall Paris Trucks and Divine Urethane wheels. Highly recommended for trick skater’s whose terrain is constantly changing and they need a bit of everything on their set-up.

SKU: LON-130
Brand: Riviera Skateboards
Style: Freeride
True Weight: 5.5
Deck Name: Zia Stick
Graphic Name: Kody Noble
Length: 36″ inch
Width: 9.18″ inch
Wheelbase: 18-19″ inch
Trucks: Paris Street Trucks 169mm
Bearings: Precision Steel Bearings
Wheels: Divine City Slashers 64mm 82a Red
Bushings: 90a
Weight: 5.50kg


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