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Riviera Skateboards Arrowhead Complete Longboard

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This is a classic board design that pays tributes to the roots of modern street skating – Riviera have a reputation for putting together quality cruiser-style boards and the ‘Arrowheads’ model does not disappoint. a sophisticated take on an old-school shape, the Riviera Arrowheaddeck has a sleek nose, functional tail making a board that is both mellow and dynamic.

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The raw veneer on the underside and graphics by Riviera’s in-house artist ‘Wise’ give the board a timeless, understated look that will appeal as much to older skaters looking for a nostalgia trip to youngsters looking for something different to the usual street shapes. The Riviera Skateboards Arrowhead Complete has been completed with Paris Street Trucks and Divine Urethane Wheels.
SKU: LON-128
Brand: Riviera Skateboards
Style: NOS
True Weight: 5.5
Deck Name: Arrowheads
Graphic Name: Arrowheads
Length: 32.25″ inch
Width: 8.75″ inch
Wheelbase: 14.75″ inch
Trucks: Paris Street Trucks 149mm
Bearings: Precision Steel Bearings
Wheels: Divine Scout 56mm 101a
Bushings: 90a
Weight: 5.50kg


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