Thai Fighter Longboard

Riviera Longboard Thai Fighter Longboard


The Thai Fighter was made for the open-minded skater that wants an all in one board for his/her quiver. This board will handle moderate to high speeds on the hills and in the streets and feels like a street board with some meat to it. You can ollie, slide, grind and mach your way in and out of spots and features with it as well as cross step and style out when you choose to.

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Riviera uses an exclusive Super Resin Glue in every board they make. This is a specially formulated epoxy resin glue specifically designed for skateboarding. Super Resin Glue is lighter and stronger than traditional waterbase glue and does not break down over time while being resistant to ambient temperature change which can affect the performance of the Thai Fighter longboard dramatically. This results in a board that is superior in strength, impervious to warpage, has a longer deck life, and better overall impact resistance. Super Resin Glue also creates a confident bond between the many different combinations of both composite and organic materials Riviera use in their constructions.

SKU: LON-112
Brand: Riviera
Style: Long Cruiser
True Weight: 5.5
Deck Name: Thai Fighter
Graphic Name: Thai Fighter
Length: 38″ inch
Width: 10″ inch
Wheelbase: 19.75″ inch
Trucks: Paris Matt.K
Bearings: Precision Steel Bearings
Wheels: Divine City Slashers 64mm 78a White
Bushings: Divine 90a
EAN: 5052838014006
Weight: 5.50kg


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