Transporter TV Core Longboard

Madrid Transporter TV Core Longboard


This is a truly fun board. The kicktail shape is built for cruising about deep wheel wells for taking sharp corners. This is going to be perfect for use on campus in the city or just kicking about and having fun.

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The Transporter TV Core Longboard comes with TR 180mm black trucks, Madrid Smoothride 70mm 80A wheels, diecut griptape, and precision steel bearings.

SKU: LON-190
Brand: Madrid
Style: Kicktail
True Weight: 5.5
Deck Name: Transporter
Graphic Name: TV
Length: 39″” inch
Width: 9.25”” inch
Wheelbase: 26.875”” inch
Trucks: TR 180mm
Bearings: Precision Steel Bearings
Wheels: Madrid Smoothies 70mm 80a
Bushings: Madrid Basics
Weight: 5.50kg


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