Leopboard Trance Core DT

Madrid Leopboard Trance Core DT Longboard


Although the Trance DT is part of the Madrid ‘Core’ Range. When you look at the quality of the components, quality and ride-ability it really stands it’s ground In the longboard market. The Trance in this case has been put together as a ‘drop-through’ set-up Making it particularly stable.

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By providing a much lower center of gravity and a more stable platform for the rider, this makes it safer to fly downhill and far more comfortable to kick any amount of distance. The Leopboard Trance Core DT is a board that can cover serious distance and a lot of fun to push along, either in the city, flat land or intermediate downhill/freeride scenarios. It’s sheer versatility makes it a great board to sell.

SKU: LON-187
Brand: Madrid
Style: Drop Through
True Weight: 5.5
Deck Name: Trance
Graphic Name: Leopboard
Length: 39″” inch
Width: 9.625”” inch
Wheelbase: 30.125”” inch
Trucks: TR 180mm
Bearings: Precision Steel Bearings
Wheels: Madrid Smoothies 70mm 80a
Bushings: Madrid Basics
EAN: 5052838016024
Weight: 5.50kg


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