Banner Shrimp Longboard

Madrid Banner Shrimp Longboard

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The Banner Shrimp Longboard is at the beefier end of Madrid’s premium mini boards. With a 15″ wheelbase, the Shrimp board works just as well as a cruiser as it does a street or pool board.┬áThe deck has also been properly engineered to have a decent street concave, facilitating plenty of trick possibilities for any concrete obstacles life throws at you.

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The Banner Shrimp Longboard graphic is a classic piece of under-stated design that will suit riders looking for something sophisticated and stylish. Also has the added advantage of coming complete with Gunmetal Trucks and Cadillac White Walls, ideal ‘roll over anything’ wheels!

SKU: LON-201
Brand: Madrid
Style: Mini Street Cruiser
True Weight: 2
Deck Name: Shrimp
Graphic Name: Banner
Length: 30″ inch
Width: 8.5″ inch
Wheelbase: 15″ inch
Trucks: Gunmetal 7″ Pistols
Bearings: Cadillac 5.0 High Performance
Wheels: Cadillac White Walls 59mm 78a
Bushings: Venom Conventional
Weight: 2.00kg


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