Astronaught Hornet Core Midget

Madrid Astronaught Hornet Core Midget Longboard

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The astronaut is a lovely continuation of the ever-popular Hornet shape Madrid. Though this board is from the Madrid Core range, components-wise this board really stands up to the premium ranges of mini-cruisers on the market.

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The¬†Astronaught Hornet Core Midget complete board comes with a street-inspired concave and tail engineered into the maple deck. This will offer plenty of trick opportunities in an urban environment. This is an easy sell to a younger audience just beginning or even a skateboarder wanting to try something a little smoother to cruise on. It’s a great stepping stone toward a Longboard or as a small convenient cruiser. This is an easy sell in a shop environment as its a great all rounder.

SKU: LON-191
Brand: Madrid
Style: Cruiser
True Weight: 3.5
Deck Name: Hornet
Graphic Name: Astronaught
Length: 26.75″ inch
Width: 8″ inch
Wheelbase: 13.25″ inch
Trucks: TR 150
Bearings: Precision Steel Bearings
Wheels: Madrid Smoothride 65mm/80a
Bushings: Madrid Standard
EAN: 5052838014266
Weight: 3.50kg


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