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Havana Skateboards Guitar Rev Cruiser Complete

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The Rev-Cruiser from Havana skateboards combines the best elements of skateboarding and longboarding in one compact cruiser. The reverse kingpin trucks and big soft wheels give you the classic smooth ride and deep turn of a longboard, While the short wheel base, concave and kick tail of the deck gives you the control and precision of a regular street deck.

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Whether you want to cruise, Pop an ollie up a curb or kick flip a crack you can do it all on the Guitar Rev Cruiser! It’s compact size and light weight makes it easy to carry or strap to a back pack for travel so it’s ideal for getting around town or taking on a trip.The Rev-Cruiser comes complete with Reverse kingpin trucks, 65mm 80a wheels and precision ABEC 5 bearings.

SKU: LON-105
Brand: Havana Skateboards
Style: Reverse kingpin cruiser
True Weight: 3.5
Deck Name: Rev-Cruiser
Graphic Name: Guitar
Length: 30″” inch
Width: 8.5″” inch
Wheelbase: 14.5″” inch
Trucks: TR 180mm
Bearings: Precision Steel Bearings
Wheels: Mojitos 65mm 80a
Bushings: Standard 90a
EAN: 5052838003970
Weight: 3.50kg

1 review for Havana Skateboards Guitar Rev Cruiser Complete

  1. Jason

    Great starter Longboard Skateboard. I have bought Havana Skateboards in the past and think they are really good.

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