Island Kick Tail Cruiser

Havana Island Kick Tail Cruiser Longboard


If you’ve been looking for that perfect, versatile longboard that doesn’t break the bank, the Havana KickTail Series could be the answer! Havana are a fresh brand who have quickly established themselves as designers and crafters or superb quality rides.

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Decades of riding and research has led them to the KickTail Cruisers models. Aside from their sweet graphics, Havana have chosen quality components on a 7 ply maple deck to deliver a complete board that delivers performance wise -The Island Kick Tail Cruiser is the perfect set-up for street cruising with the added advantage of a bit of ‘pop’ – ideal for negotiating urban terrain.

The combination of ABEC 5 bearings and Mojito 60mm Wheels gives a fast board with traction when you need it. Coupled with the reverse kingpin 10″ trucks and you get a responsive longboard that loves carving and is engaging and fun to ride.

SKU: LON-100
Brand: Havana
Style: Kick tail Cruiser
True Weight: 4.5
Deck Name: Kick-tail Cruiser
Graphic Name: Island
Length: 36″ inch
Width: 9″ inch
Wheelbase: 23.25″ inch
Trucks: TR 180mm
Bearings: Precision Steel Bearings
Wheels: Mojitos 60mm 92a
Bushings: Standard
Weight: 4.50kg


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